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Welcome to Twin Cities Quilting Online Shop

Shipping Rates:
$25.00-$72.99    -      $11.50
 $73.00-$299.99  -     $19.50
 $300- $649.99    -     $25.50
 $650 and over   -         $40.00

  • $25.00 minimum online order is required for shipped items.
  • In the US, flat rate boxes take approximately two or three days to reach you.
    • We do not ship to other countries.
  • If your shipping dollars are significantly higher than estimated, we will email or call you to authorize a larger dollar figure.
  • A small handling fee is incorporated into the above prices.


Things you should know:

  • We offer personalized service via phone, email and in-person - your choice.
    • We are open from 10am - 5pm central time, Tuesday thru Saturday. 
  • We do our best to keep our website current. Occasionally we are out of a fabric that is listed on the website. For basics and blenders, we may substitute your selection with a very similar fabric. If a theme fabric is no longer available, we will call you. You have the option of selecting another fabric or deleting the item from your order. If we need to amend the dollar value we will need your credit card number over the phone.
  • To send us an email, the box at the end of every page has a link. Click on the link and an email message page will come up on your screen already addressed to us. 
  • Class registration is now online! Click on the "Add to Cart" button on the class descriptions page to pay for your registration. If kits are offered for the class we will often let you purchase these along with the class.