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Long Arm Services

Services Offered: 

  • Custom: All services are charged at $40.00 an hour (minimum charge is 2 hours). The long arm quilting services provided by Twin Cities Quilting reflect the playful, contemporary nature of the shop. All work is freehand and meant to represent the "hand of the maker." We stitch every quilt top to emphasize that all work is hand guided. You will not receive a job that reflects the mechanical nature of a machine or pantograph. Every quilt receives a thoughtful review before the quilting begins to ensure that the design fits the spirit and nature of the quilt top. You can be confident that your quilt will be a one-of-a-kind creation when you pick it up from our store. 
  • Edge to Edge: Quilting services are charged by the square inch. When choosing a design and/or checking in a quilt we can guide you through the process to assess a price per square inch. Our price per square inch ranges from 3 to 5 cents. Any additional services (piecing backing, pressing, precise trims, binding) will be charged at our custom rate of $40.00 an hour.
  • Edge to Edge Small Projects and Multiple Projects: A minimum charge of $80.00 will be used for smaller projects.
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